Get Ready For Your Best Year Yet

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Don't Ask Permission, Give Notice - Lisa Nichols

2018 has come to a close and it's time to evaluate where you're standing both personally and professionally. Planning effectively is essential in reaching goals small or large, and aside from that - being aware of the progress you've made is good for the soul. Set yourself up for next year, it's yours!

Clean Up Your Email Inbox


With newsletters, promo codes, flash sales, new software assignments (the list goes on and on) incoming, they can take up space in your inbox. Think of your inbox as your desk or your mailbox at home; ignoring it can get out of control quickly. Clearing out all those useless emails takes time though, and who has endless amount of that? We hear you. This is the perfect time to clear out your notifications and get rid of any junk in there. Apps like Hop and CloudMagic can help you save, delete or archive messages. You need the space for all the great stuff coming in this year.

Clean Up Your Desk


This is your domain of productivity, progress and magic, make space for it. Pull out your shredder, you Post-Its, and your Evernote app and get to work. Receipts tend to pile up quickly so use Evernote Scanner and take a picture of any important receipts; tag them into a folder and trash the excess. Label several folders and place billing and legal documents accordingly. After making a good amount of room, place items on your desk that can inspire you to keep working towards progress. Motivate for best results.

Make a List of Short & Long-Term Goals


Breathe. Stretch. Shake

What's next? What goals did you get to this year? Create a list, considering new directions and strategies as well as your past progress. Write down 3 short-term goals that can be time-stamped for 6 months. Tasks like reorganizing your office space, itemizing files, or hiring a new assistant. Long term goals should be able to marinate a little longer, time stamp these at 8 to 12 months. This could range from 1 to 3 key goals that can be transformational to your business. Paint your bigger picture.

Audit Your Team Dynamic


Take some time to see how your team is doing after everything you've achieved this year. Set up a time to connect, perhaps individually or as departments, and hear any thoughts, concerns or ideas they may have that can improve the flow of next year's workload. Ask questions like what are you most proud of? What would you do differently? Are there any tools you wish you had? This kind of insight can help you implement which leadership tools or resources can be applied to improve efficiency. This kind of communication also makes your team feel appreciated and motivated and therefore, invested.  

Pat Yourself On The Back


You made it through the wilderness! Another year has gone by and you've conquered it with flying colors. Evaluate what your gains were in these last eleven months, large or small, they're still goals YOU were able to meet. Any win means you're a step closer to reaching your larger picture, so congrats! You are on your way.

Need help getting organized? Consult with us, we'll get you in shape for one heck of a new year.


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