Goal-setting Like A Boss


Although 2018 is well underway, setting goals is important in starting and fresh week, month or quarter. They're also where we get to have some fun on illustrating your future by bringing in our biggest dreams of progress. Planning for your business is especially fun because you can fulfill your vision and cater to an audience at the same time. Goals facilitate progress and progress changes the game. 

1) Get Creative


Think of what would be on your visionboard, Your wildest biz-related dreams! A lavish team build trip on the beach? A fancy new marketing campaign? Contemporary new packaging? How about a yoga corner in the office? All your craziest desires can come true with proper planning, that's why this step is so vital in your journey to goal-setting efficiently. What are some big changes,moves and materials that can take your business to the next level in no time. Think about opportunities in any departments that will facilitate in reaching heights in this upcoming year. Dig deep, put them out into the universe and bring them into fruition with the following steps. 

2) Plan by Period


Break down your colorful goals to timeline. Evaluate what your cycle is, if weekly, monthly or quarterly, and assign actions to deadlines. Align these actions down to months and weeks, create deadlines that make sense and to whom on your team structure would be the best fit to deliver. This will also create accountability. Accountability is necessary in creating these shifts, this is the perfect technique to really make a difference and create sustainable change. Design this calendar around special events, product/service launches, or national holidays. For example, ....dropping a collection of novelty tees just in time for a big movie launch?

Chance caters to a prepared mind. - Louis Pastuer

3) Give Yourself  Timeline But  Give Yourself  Some Credit


Get focal and intentional with your deadlines, these work as your checkpoints. Their clear indications of where you've gone and where you need to be to reach your goals. Don't beat yourself up if you miss one or two of these dates. These are meant to keep you motivated and on track, not to enable self-sabotage of your grind. Life happens and even though business IS business, you're still human and can't have control of everything. Take some time to acknowledge your progress, you've made it this far and you deserve a little victory dance. It will keep your engine fired, we promise.

4) Make Lists


Lists are the ingredients to your perfect soup! They're the pieces to the puzzle to lead you into the next step. Each list should be curated from top priority to the least and based off of your personalized timeline. Place them in places you'll be able to revisit often. Your IPhone notes or wallpaper, Post-Its in your workspace, above your mirror or car dashboard. Do whatever makes it easy to check-in and check off as your #goalslaying

5) Pat Yourself on The Back


Building a business and bringing it into full beautified form is no easy task and stopping to evaluate your growth is necessary to keep the ball rolling. Acknowledge how far you've come, you've made it happen! On any scale. Bravo to you, now keep going! Take goal-setting to the next level by not just making them personal to you but making achieving a technique. Goals are sustainable as long as they're inputted into a culture that supports them. 


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