How To Keep It Cool During Slow Season

here comes a time of year when things inevitably slow down, and it's the perfect opportunity to get creative with your catch-up tactics. Slow seasons serve the purpose of reevaluating your goals, implementing a growth plan, and winding up miscellaneous tasks that help the back end of your business. Catching up with office chores, working on your client strategy or upgrading any out-dated software or equipment are all things that, while minor, add up to a lot of staff-hours, especially if you're the only staff.

It's time to get C R E A T I V E.

Here are some areas to focus on when your clients are at the beach:

Organize your Office


Feng Shui is a real thing - arranging your workspace to align to the right energy can amplify your productivity. Cleaning off your desk space, rearranging furniture, getting your shredding done, all contribute to a more efficient day. Down season is the time to reassess your space and its function. Simple wins like clearing your desk of miscellaneous paperwork, receipt piles, and un-filed invoices can make a huge difference when sitting down to get to work.

Tailor your Email Inbox


Our inboxes set the beat for our work days. Creating categorized folders by type, name and task so that your messages are intentionally sorted will set you up for easy filling when business does pick up. If important messages fall through the cracks, this is your time to follow up with those contacts. On that note, email funnels ensure automatic filling and responses, which equal automatic action. This is your time to create email systems that work for your needs. Delete miscellaneous messages and follow up on any flagged messages from the past.

Follow Up on Pending & Flat Leads


Create a fresh template and reach out to any prospective leads that have been on your radar. It may be a slow season but everybody is still actively planning for next quarter so why not get a jump on a pitch now? It’s the ideal opportunity to have the conversation about new packages, service plans, and strategies.

Strategize, Strategize, Strategize


This is the time when pressure is low, so creativity within your team can really be embraced and cruise at full throttle. Meet with your team for a free-flowing, lightly-structured jam session to generate feedback and fresh ideas about client management, systems, and future projects on the horizon. Your team is on the ground making the wheels turn every day, and this is your chance to hear their direct input on areas of opportunity and observations from a different perspective.

Slow season doesn't have to be a bummer, not even a little bit! Stay busy by spending some energy in the areas of your business that aren't the prettiest, most prominent, or fast-paced, and it will pay off down the road.

Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.
― Oprah Winfrey


Images provided by Pexels