Why Rebranding Can Save Your Company


Your company’s brand presence is what sets you aside in the pool of your industry and of the planet. It’s the message every one of which encounters it, leaves with. Your company is your location or product but your brand is your stamp, an imprint of your mission. Rebranding in the right moment can be pivotal for your long-term success, ignoring when it’s time to shake things up can really turn off your light.

The Importance of Branding to Consumers


Imagine your dream consumer, where they live, what they eat, the kind of media they are into, even where they like to take their spin classes. Now imagine that person in 10 year….different right? Even a year’s time can change a person drastically. This means that they’ll have different needs and characteristics that change and you’ll need to change with them or you’ll be talking to an empty room. People change, move, grow and how you communicate your brand to them must fit these new boxes. Every big box company we know and love like Pepsi and Subway have undergone major makeovers to adjust to the times. That can mean refined logos, contemporary font types, new brand color stories, all together.


When is The Right Time to Rebrand?

The right time to rebrand lies if your product or service type is changing or after you’ve already established yourself but are no longer playing in the realm of relevance. For example, if you’re launching a new product line or discontinuing a service or department, it’s the perfect time to reintroduce what value your company brings to the table. Catching this window will re-confirm the confidence of your consumer and allow you to reach a crowd of new ones too.

What Do You Need?

Think about what are the defining factors of your brand. A logo, color palette and marketing materials to tie it all together. First, your logo…how old is it? Is it still eye-catching? Does it stand out next to newer brands? Is the font type relevant? Your logo is the semi-permanent, initial visual anyone that comes into contact with your company walks away with. It is a lasting impression and how you are instantly recognizable anywhere (Big Red Arch anyone?). Next, your brand colors are as important as the visuals you present to your audience. Colors create emotional reactions through our subconscious, therefore, using the right colors will communicate what you’d desire to say without saying it. After both these aspects are out of the way, create, create, create. This is the chance for your mission to be reborn, so go the extra mile. Create new marketing materials, business cards, brochures, banners, physically and digitally. Think of this transition as a makeover, where you’re reaffirming not only your company purpose but your confidence in making a difference to everyone you serve.

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